• for iOS 8.4 or later
  • by Bruce Abernethy

TBC iOS Mobile App

Hey fellow TBC enthusiasts ... New for 2016/17 we are finishing up a mobile application to help support TBC study and preparation. It has ...

  • Daily Verses (change every day, with verse and related questions) - to give you a daily dose of bible and questions
  • Flashcards for every competition (both TBC and KBC - turn on/off those question types you are focusing on)
  • Sample Match - one per competition so you can simulate an actual match wherever you are ...

All material for the 2016/17 season "Old Testament" is included for both KBC and TBC. Those are the basic features we picked for version 1.0.

Now it is very close to ready, and I am readying submission to the Apple AppStore. I'd really like to get it out to some more people to use to make sure it is working on as many devices as possible, and that it makes sense for parents, coaches, and quizzers to use.

Please sign up if you are willing to help.

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