Teleprompter Beta

Teleprompter requires a Mac running OS X 10.14 “Mojave” or later. Optionally, and iOS device running iOS 12 or later is required to test the controller app.

I’m looking for testers that will push Teleprompter to its limits. Please break my software! The more problems are fixed now during beta, the less there will be at release.

Participating in the Teleprompter beta also has advantages for you.
• Free software! You get to use Teleprompter for free for the duration of the beta.
• Feedback. If you need Teleprompter software, now is your chance to shape Teleprompter into what you want it to be! Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments. Your feedback is invaluable both to me so I can develop the best software, as well as to yourself so you can get the best software.

Thanks, and happy testing!

(Note that if you already own Teleprompter, you’ll get the new version for free when it’s ready for general launch.)

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